About Us

Growing up, Nhan Lam thought the key to success was to be smart. So, he went to school, got good grades, and landed a good job with benefits. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, then continued with a Master’s Degree just in case the Bachelor’s was not enough. Nhan was living the American Dream: finishing a four-year degree in College then a Master’s Degree in order to pursue a comfortable job and guarantee job security. Being smart was great but it did not help him achieve his financial goals. In order to achieve his dreams, Nhan thought that he needed to start a business and realized that he doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to succeed.

“I am smart or I is a millionaire”

It was this very question that set him up to become the man we know him as today.

In 2008, he started looking for opportunities in real estate to eventually replace his full-time job. Like anyone else, he spent thousands of dollars on training classes that were sold to him. However, whenever he attended classes, conventions, and events catering to up-and-coming real-estate investors, he was curious as to why most of the basic, common-sense information regarding real estate investing are locked behind paid programs, some of which cost up to $50,000. Regardless of how much money he spent, he never felt that he learned anything actionable and valuable to his career.

Things finally turned around for Nhan when, in 2010, he had the opportunity of meeting up and building a relationship with a real estate investor. The investor genuinely trained him without any sales gimmick, resulting in his first deal just after eight months. As two and a half years passed by, Nhan was able to close 12 deals doing real estate part-time. Following the success of these 12 deals, Nhan was finally able to replace his full-time job.

Despite the success, Nhan was not satisfied. Just as the investor helped Nhan achieve his dreams of real estate into a reality, he had the urge to help other people achieve their passions, as well. That is why he established Nhan Lam Academy, with the goal of teaching people a proven system that will help them succeed in the real estate business.