June 11, 2020

DIY Real Estate: Can You Do It?

With so much information about real estate investing available on the internet, is there a way for you to learn how to do this business on your own?

Is there a DIY way of learning how to invest in real estate?


I have explored numerous avenues of learning from experts and gurus who teach people how to invest in real estate. My educational journey has taken me across various mediums such as YouTube, HGTV, and even real estate programs from some of the most respected real estate investors in the country.

However, the way I approached learning how to do real estate was not effective.

The Idea of the Month

I’ve learned a lot about real estate. However, I’ve discovered that much of what I have learned has created more confusion than clarity. Why? Because I didn’t have an action play for developing real, sustainable results.

I ended falling into a tramp known as the idea of the month.

In one month, I may watch a YouTube video from a well-known expert to get some great ideas. I would implement those ideas. However, I didn’t see any immediate results. So, I’d revisit YouTube or another website to watch more videos and discover another way of doing real estate. Then I would implement a new idea.

I may have learned a lot, but the vicious cycle was unproductive. In the end, I made very little money in real estate investment. Bouncing from one idea to another will create a long-term, sustainable real estate business.

The Key to Sustainable Real Estate Investing is Consistency

If you jump around from one idea to the next, you’ll never gain any traction or get the results you’re looking for.

To have a successful real estate business, you need consistency.

More specifically, you need consistency over a long period. Consistency over time allows you to compound your efforts, building on each success and each step of your action plan. A compound effect will generate more results than starting over with a new idea each month.

For instance, you may have learned a new concept about how to buy and sell real estate. You implement the idea but generate no immediate results. However, you continue implementing the idea until you get the results you are looking for. Once you have developed consistency, you can analyze the results.

In other words, you have to allow consistent action to occur over and over before you can actually make any real analysis of the results or change the plan accordingly.

Consistency + Time + Results + Analysis + Adjustment = REAL SUCCESS.

Also, you need a powerful environment and a network of dependable people that will hold you accountable for the right business plan and hold you accountable for keeping it consistent over time. Because they know that consistency is the key to success in any business.

You Can Be Successful in Real Estate. You Just Need the Right Plan

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