September 3, 2020

What is Real Estate Investment?

It seems like a silly question. After all, you probably already have some grasp about what real estate investment is that led you to want to pursue it. Chances are, you are already an investor of sorts if you currently own a home. That is where most investors start. Now you are looking to take the next step in real estate investment and buy and sell houses in your area.

In a nutshell, real estate investment is the process of purchasing a real estate investment property for the purpose of making a profit. There are several ways that you can invest in real estate property, including fix and flip, rental properties, real estate investment groups, limited partnerships, and even mutual funds built on real estate.
Let’s take a closer look at each below.

Rental Properties

If you invest in rental properties, you assume the title of landlord. Most people who become landlords do so with limited knowledge of what they are getting into. It is only when they are bombarded by a surplus of issues, do they truly understand what it means to maintain a rental property and the tenants.

If you are able to afford a property manager, you can relieve yourself of many of these problems while still turning a profit. Your primary strategy will be to collect enough rent each month to cover your expenses while lowering your risk of major repairs and maintenance by finding quality tenants.

You can also make money as your property appreciates over time. You can sell it for a profit to a local home buyer.

Fix and Flip

If you are not interested in renting the property out, you can always try your hand at flipping houses. Your goal is to buy a real estate investment property, make the necessary repairs or renovations, and then turn around and sell it within a few months for a profit. There are two main approaches to flipping houses:

1. Repairs and Renovate

You may find a good real estate deal that gives you the potential to make thousands of dollars in profit. However, you’ll have to put a lot of work into repairing the house and making the necessary upgrades to modernize it. You complete all renovations as quickly as possible and then sell it at a price that exceeds your total investment.

2. Hold and Sell Later

In a market where real estate prices are rising rapidly, you can take advantage of buying a new house or older house in good condition and sitting on it for a few months, then selling it for a profit. This type of flipping houses requires more negotiating strategy and a keen eye on the market. However, it is possible to make good money in a hold and sell situation.

Real Estate Limited Partnership

It is not uncommon for local house buyers to start a real estate investment business where each investor is a partner. The idea behind a partnership is to combine connections, talents, and funds to create a portfolio of investment quickly. This can be beneficial for beginners who want to create leverage in the early stages of their business.

Limited partnerships are treated as larger investment businesses. This can give all partners more credibility in the market. It also allows every person to share in the responsibilities so that no one person is overwhelmed. Partnerships can also be temporary. Once each person meets their goals, they can mutually dissolve the partnership for any reason.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

To put it bluntly, the main reason why people invest in real estate is to create wealth and residual income. With the right real estate mentor or real estate training system, it is possible to make $100,000 investing in real estate part-time. Plus, you don’t have to quit your job or sell your assets to build your business.

Another reason why people get into real estate investing is because of the endless opportunities to buy and sell houses in an ever-growing market. An investor has a chance to diversify their income through an array of real estate properties that never seem to end. Investing can also give you the type of negotiation leverage that is hard to find in virtually any other industry.

Why Our Real Estate Investment System Works

Younger generations of homebuyers are expecting more out of their real estate. Unfortunately, many of the homes in metropolitan areas are in demand by severely outdated or worn down. What does it mean for investors?

Our system for helping you get in the market and take advantage of these opportunities works for the following reasons:

  • The system is designed for the part-time person who is just getting started.
  • Our approach eliminates wasted time and effort that usually happens with traditional investing.
  • We capitalized on the skills you already possess while helping you develop new skills along the way.
  • By applying the system, you can potentially earn $100,000 within your first year.

You Can Be Successful in Real Estate Investing

Through our real estate training system, you can make your first $100,000 part-time in real estate regardless of your current circumstances. You simply need the ability to follow our proven system and use the resources and tools available. How can you get started?

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